Subtle & Effective Lighting for Every Space

    Recessed lighting, also known as recessed cans, can light, or high hats are the most widely recognized type of lighting found in living arrangements today. Recessed lights come in a variety of sizes and colors that adapt to almost any room or décor.

    There is no difference between can lights and recessed lights because they are the same type of light fixture. Recessed lights and can lights are interchangeable names for a light fixture that is built into the ceiling. Recessed lighting provides even lighting to a room and makes it feel brighter. It is also a great option if you are looking for lighting that will not become outdated quickly and is less likely to be damaged. To get recessed lighting installed in your home, contact us today.

    When installed correctly, recessed lights last just as long as traditional light fixtures. When it comes to the average lifespan of their lighting capacity, it is directly related to the types of bulbs you have in your recessed lights. LED recessed lighting can last 5-22 years, depending on how often you have the lights on. To learn more about getting recessed lights installed in your home, give us a call today.

    Yes, you should have an electrician install recessed lighting near Raleigh, NC. Installing recessed lighting can be more difficult than installing standard light fixtures. Having an electrician install your recessed lighting ensures that it is installed properly and to code. Additionally, if an electrician performs the installation, your recessed lighting is under warranty if any issues arise. To get recessed lighting installed in your home, call Dawson’s Electric today.

    It costs around $240-$480 per fixture to install recessed lighting near Raleigh, NC.

    Some factors that will cause the price to fluctuate are:
    • The number of fixtures you want to be installed.
    • The type of trim you want for your recessed lighting.
    • The contractor’s hourly fee.

    Another thing that can affect the overall price is whether you would like to also have a dimming switch included in the installation. Recessed lights are a great option for any home because they provide even lighting and are less likely to get damaged. Call us today, to get recessed lighting installed in your home.

    Enjoy Many Benefits From Our Recessed Lighting

    Utilize recessed lighting to help:

    • Enlighten a large room.
    • Showcase your décor.
    • Make your artwork pop.
    • Add a subtle wall wash to give your room or outdoor area a warm, welcoming feel.
    Recessed Lighting Installation

    Recessed lighting arranged by a professional can embellish another lighting (for example – pendants, chandeliers, sconces, and candles) to enhance and add value to your home and living space. We can even update and freshen up the look of your existing recessed lighting by installing a clean more modern LED trim.

    When You Want Expert Results, Choose Dawson's Electric

    We are recessed lighting specialists who come equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to add these lights in your home, and in most cases, without any damage to your existing ceiling. Our technicians will use care in your home by wearing shoe covers, laying out drop cloths to protect your floors and furniture, and we clean up our mess as if we were never there. If we need to drill additional holes or cut drywall to do our work, we will never do so without your permission.

    Call us to schedule a lighting consultation with an expert and allow us to add value to your home with recessed lighting today!
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