Professional Ceiling Fan Installation

    There are many small features in a home that can make a big difference. When it comes to ceiling fans, there are multiple benefits to not only having one but having it installed by a seasoned professional.

    The experts at Dawson's Electric have the tools and experience to install any type of ceiling fan in your home or office, bringing you the benefit of:

    • Elegant Design Options
    • Lower Cooling Costs
    • Increased Air Circulation
    • Extra Lighting Throughout the Building
    • Deterrence of Flying Pests

    Installing a ceiling fan in your home is a simple, cost-effective way to improve the heating and cooling efficiency of your climate control system, and can help to make the most out of an existing light fixture or ceiling space. It also helps you to save space, energy, and money over portable oscillating fans, which are an energy-draining eyesore and can be difficult to store when not in use.

    Yes, you should have an electrician install a ceiling fan in your home. Installing a ceiling fan can be complex, as it requires knowledge of electrical wiring and electrical code to install it correctly. Additionally, if you want lights and dimming switches installed with your ceiling fan, that adds to the complexity of the installation. Having an electrician install your ceiling fan ensures that it is installed correctly, up to code and that it is covered under warranty if you experience any issues with it. To get a ceiling fan installed, contact us today .

    If you are installing a ceiling fan where you currently have a light fixture, you should:
    • Shut off the power to the fixture.
    • Remove the light fixture.
    • Remove the old electrical box.
    • Install a brace for the fan.
    • Install a fan mounting box and hanger bracket.
    • Assemble the fan and hang it.

    These are the basic steps to installing a ceiling fan. In addition to these steps, there are safety protocols and electrical codes you should follow when attempting to install a ceiling fan on your own. To avoid the stress and get your ceiling fan installed by an electrician, give us a call today.

    It typically costs around $100-$300 to install a ceiling fan with existing wiring.

    Some things that can affect the price are:
    • The type of fan you want to be installed.
    • If you want dimming switches added.
    • If you want lights added to your ceiling fan.
    • Getting a ceiling fan installed when you already have existing wiring in place is fairly inexpensive unless you want additional features included in the installation. To get a new ceiling fan installed, call Dawson’s Electric today.

    Ceiling Fan Installation in Fuquay-Varina, NC

    Dawson's Electric uses time-tested practices in conjunction with the latest innovations in technology to turn your new fan into a feature of a room instead of just another necessary component.

    When you call us for your ceiling fan installation, you’ll be guaranteed:

    • A job done right in the first visit
    • The latest technology and products for a quiet, effective ceiling fan
    • A safe and clean workspace with minimal intrusion
    • Integration with your room’s light system & switches
    • Upfront, fair pricing
    • Years of satisfaction
    Ceiling Fan Installation
    Whether it’s a new fan, repair, or upgrade, Dawson's Electric is your source for quality ceiling fan installation in the Greater Raleigh area. To speak with an expert electrician today, call Dawson's Electric!
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