Whole-home or standby generators can be a lifesaver in North Carolina where we experience many storms, hurricanes, and damage to power lines from ice storms. These generators can be sized and managed to provide enough power for your entire home. Combined with the right automatic transfer switch that senses a loss of power and switches right over to your generator so that you would not even have to venture out in a storm to touch a thing. We can also set you up on a maintenance plan to keep your generator in top shape so it comes on when you need it.

    Allow the experts at Dawson's Electric to guide you with your whole home generator questions or purchase. We are a Briggs and Stratton dealer which we have chosen to deal with because of their excellent products, unmatched warranties, and great customer service. We will gladly help you live life uninterrupted!

    Whole Home Generators

    The size of the generator you need to power your whole house depends on the appliances in your house. Typically a 7,500 running watt generator should be able to handle an average-sized house in the Raleigh area. However, if you have extra electrical needs, you should calculate the total running and starting wattages for all of the appliances you want to function in an emergency. The generator you choose should be of a wattage higher than your total.

    To learn more, Dawson’s Electric can help. Contact us today and we will be happy to answer any of your questions on generators.

    To have a whole house generator installed near Raleigh can cost between $7,500 – $15,000. This price includes both the generator and labor costs to have it put in. While it is a large upfront cost, whole-home generators can help protect the investments in your home in the event of a power loss. Our active hurricane seasons are just one reason to consider a whole house generator. When the power goes out the generator automatically turns on, saving perishable food, valuable electronics and keeping you and your family safe and comfortable. Contact Dawson’s Electric today to learn more about whole-home generators and their costs.

    The best whole house generator for your Raleigh home is one that meets the needs of all of the electrical appliances you want running in the event of a power outage. You also want a generator that is of high quality and endurance. At Dawson’s Electric, we partner with Briggs and Stratton brand generators to provide our customers with unmatched warranties on high-quality home generators. Contact us today to see which model would work best for your home!

    Yes, a whole house generator is worth it. A whole-home generator is extremely useful if you experience occasional or frequent power outages. It is especially important if you experience power outages often because it ensures that the items in your fridge and freezer do not go bad, as well as ensures that you are still able to use the appliances and electrical devices in your home when you lose power. To get a whole house generator, contact us today.

    The average lifespan of a whole home standby generator is around 20-40 years.

    Although, the lifespan of your generator can vary depending on:
    • The size of your generator.
    • How often do you use it.
    • How well you maintain it.

    Just like most systems, if you use a standby generator often and do not maintain it, it will have a shorter service life. On the other hand, if you use your whole home standby generator infrequently and keep it regularly maintained, it will last longer. To get a whole home standby generator, call us today.

    A whole-home standby generator should be serviced at least once a year in Raleigh, NC. However, the amount of service needed can vary from brand to brand, so you should check your generator’s user manual. Additionally, you should perform a visual check of your standby generator each month to ensure that everything looks right and that the oil, coolant, and fuel levels are not low. Doing regular checks and having your standby generator serviced once a year is a key to it operating when you need it to. Give us a call today to get a whole home standby generator.

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