Portable generators can be a great option to supply power to your necessity items during a power outage. These generators can be used to supply power to things like freezers, fridges, lights, and outlets during a storm and are a cheaper alternative than a whole home generator. Our electricians can install portable generator transfer switches or interlock kits along with the outlets you need to safely use your generator during an outage. We will walk you through using these items so that you will be prepared for a storm.

    We will check over your electrical system and provide the right option for your generator needs. Give us a call so that you’re not left in the dark during the next outage and our trained technicians are ready to install your portable generator outlet today!


    If camping out in your house without power for an undetermined amount of time does not seem ideal, a generator may be the answer for you. With our unpredictable North Carolina weather, power outages can happen in an active hurricane season, a particularly hazardous ice storm or just during a powerful weather event. Portable generators do not power your entire home — just a few essential appliances to get you through the weather without too much interruption. Don’t be caught scrambling for power. Contact Dawson’s today for generator installation services and be prepared!

    A portable generator transfer switch is a device that connects a generator to your home’s electrical wiring in a safe way. Without a transfer switch, not only could the generator become damaged, it could fry the appliances you are trying to operate. Not having a transfer switch also limits what you can power by the generator. A transfer switch allows you to power the major appliances on your circuit breaker panel, something you cannot do with just an extension cord. Without a transfer switch, you also run the risk of, when the power comes back on, any power surge from your generator injuring an electrician working on the line.

    A transfer switch will typically cost between $500 – $900 to have professionally installed by an electrician. It is highly recommended that you use a transfer switch in conjunction with a portable generator for safety and effectiveness. To learn more or to schedule a consultation, contact Dawson’s Electric today, and one of our highly trained technicians will be happy to assist you.

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