Emergency Electrical Repair Services in the Triangle

    You depend on electricity to keep your home or office running at peak performance every day. When something losses power, it can throw off your entire day and set you back. There are times when changing a light bulb just isn’t enough to solve your lighting problems. Sometimes the complexity of electrical wiring can get tricky or even risky. If you experience faulty wiring, unresponsive light switches, and outlets, or overloaded circuits, don’t attempt to fix these problems on your own.
    Emergency Repair

    Call Dawson's Electric for a skilled electrician in Fuquay-Varina. We offer superior service, quick upfront estimates, and complete repair and installation.

    A few ways to know if you have an electrical problem in your Fuquay-Varina home are:
    • Your outlets are warm to the touch.
    • You notice a burning smell or burn marks.
    • Your lights flicker or are dimming.

    It is typically easy to tell when you have an electrical problem because the electrical connections in your home provide warning signs of failure to work. Electrical problems pose a risk to the operation and safety of your home, which is why they should be fixed right away. To get your electrical problem repaired, contact us today.

    To fix or repair electrical wires in your Fuquay-Varina area home, you will first need to evaluate the amount of (or lack of) excess wire you have available. If you have excess wire to work with, you will need a wire stripper, a wire nut, and a silicone sealant. If you do not have a lot of excess wiring, you will need a wire stripper, heat shrink insulation, a wire connector, and a blow dryer. With either set of materials, you will want to strip the wire, connect the wiring, and properly seal it to ensure that it is properly insulated. To get help repairing your electrical wires, call us today.

    How do you know if electrical wiring is bad near Fuquay-Varina?

    Some signs that electrical wiring is bad in Fuquay-Varina include:

    • Bent Wires
    • Frayed Wires
    • Burnt Wires

    If you notice any of these issues with your electrical wiring, then your wiring should be repaired, as these issues will prevent electricity from properly flowing through the wires and can lead to operational and safety issues. To get your electrical wiring repaired, give us a call today.

    To know if your house wiring is bad in Fuquay-Varina, look for the following indicators:

    • The wiring is old or made out of aluminum.
    • The wiring is loose or frayed.
    • Your circuit breaker trips often.

    It is not always easy to tell if your home’s wiring is bad. However, the age of the wiring can be a big indicator of if you should have it replaced or not. Additionally, if you begin to notice more electrical issues or failures than usual, your home’s wiring may be the cause. To get your home’s wiring repaired, call Dawson's Electric today.

    At Dawson's Electric, we follow procedures so your home is electrically safe and sound. In fact, we go above and beyond what our competitors do to increase your safety. From the moment we step foot inside your home wearing protective booties, we will treat your space as if it’s our own. Our qualified experts will assess each and every situation prior to working and discuss ideas and solutions with you so there are no surprises.

    We put our customers and their safety first by evaluating and providing a visual panel inspection and a visual inspection of your home’s grounding system on every residential call.

    Repair vs. New

    Just because your electricity isn’t working doesn’t mean you’re stuck having to purchase new equipment. We go to great lengths to save you time and money with expert repairs, restoring your existing equipment to its fullest potential.

    Dawson's Electric can help you address and diagnose the most common warning signs:

    • Faulty wiring & lose connections
    • Overloaded circuits
    • Blown motors
    • Faulty electrical panels
    • Unresponsive light switches & outlets
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      Dawson's Electric is committed to your long-term comfort, safety, and enjoyment. With every job, we’ll work to find a solution that works best with your budget and lifestyle. We’ll also factor in your entire electrical setup to ensure maximum efficiency and prolonged equipment lifespan.
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