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    Lighting fixture installation can be done by several people including painters, a handyman, carpenters, and even husbands, to name a few. We have gone behind all of these to make repairs. The cost of nice light fixtures is not cheap, so why trust just anyone to install them! Trust Dawson's Electric.

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    Lighting fixtures can change the appearance of your home completely, add that finishing touch that you have been looking for and add a brilliant light effect to any room. Lighting fixtures should be installed on the correct electrical boxes that are rated for the fixtures along with the proper size wiring and connectors.

    Yes, electricians install light fixtures. It is highly recommended that an electrician install a fixture in your home, for while they seem like an easy task for a do-it-yourselfer, you can run into all sorts of complications that will be no problem for an electrician to handle. In addition, while working with electricity it is always better to have a licensed electrician for safety reasons.

    On average it costs about $150 – $800 to have a light fixture professionally installed, depending on the type and size of the fixture. Some elaborate chandeliers can run up to $2,000! For a more precise cost estimate, we are happy to help. Contact Dawson’s Electric for a free estimate on any service!

    Yes, in most cases a ground wire is necessary for a light fixture. While not required in older construction, grounding light fixtures is standard practice now. To learn more or if you have questions, contact Dawson’s Electric today to speak with one of our highly trained team members!

    We Are Your Light Fixture Installation Professionals

    We are licensed electricians that carry the proper insurance, have the expertise, and value your home and fixture purchase investment. There are no light fixtures we can’t handle, from small, delicate sconce lights to large dining and foyer chandeliers.

    We have the proper ladders to reach those hard-to-get-to places like two-story foyers and stairways. We will take care of your home with floor coverings and wear shoe protection, and we will clean up our mess as if we were never there. Make sure you protect your investment and hire a licensed professional for your light fixture installs today.

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