Is there a cost to come out?

Yes. We have a $69 dispatch and consultation fee which allows our technicians time to evaluate the situation and electrical system. In order to actually provide pricing we generally have to look at the panel, existing wiring, the electrical service, and grounding systems to ensure that your home is safe and in good working order. Since we are licensed and insured, we are liable for your electrical system and all work performed so we need to make sure that we do a thorough evaluation. We spend time with you to ensure that all boxes are checked, provide multiple options for service and leave you with a checklist of our findings.

What is included in the diagnostic costs?

Once the technician arrives, does his initial consultation and visual inspection of the problem, we then give upfront costs for a diagnostic depending on the complexity of your home’s electrical system. The diagnostic price is given and once approved we can begin work. This takes the worry out of the time spent to find the problem even if it takes us all day you know the price before we begin. With our diagnostic we include a standard repair but oftentimes our tech may provide a better solution so that you don’t worry about costly repairs in the future.

What is a whole home surge protector?

A whole home surge protector is a device that we install on your main electrical panel that offers you protection against electrical surges which are caused by spikes in voltage from the utility company, internal surges from motors and some lighting strikes (not direct). It is similar to the surge strips that you plug your electronics into but it actually protects appliances, electronics, and HVAC equipment.

Do I need to be home while your team is working?

We do prefer a decision maker be present when we arrive so that we can discuss options, give upfront pricing and collect payment. We will sometimes make exceptions but we will call you on a recorded line for approval of work before starting.

½ of my house or my whole house is without power?

In this instance it is always best to contact your power company first to ensure proper voltage is getting to your home. Oftentimes if you are experiencing partial or total power loss, the issues are found to be improper voltage coming from your power company’s lines. We suggest contacting your power company first and have them verify that your home has proper voltage from their lines before contacting an electrician.

What will the technician need access to?

We will need to access your electrical panels, the room being affected and possibly multiple rooms depending on the complexity of the issue.

Does my hot tub or appliance need to be on site?

We do prefer the appliance or equipment to be onsite in order for us to access specs and locations. In some situations such as kitchen remodels we will need to do some initial wiring before cabinets or drywall is installed.

Will there be drywall damage?

We try to avoid any drywall damage, but in some situations in order to fish wires through the wall, drywall may have to be cut. We are not responsible for any drywall that needs to be cut but we do try to cut it in such a way that it is placed back easily and we will touch up minor holes and such with spackle.

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