Peace of Mind Club

Whats included

  • Annual 32-point electrical system evaluation.
  • Provide electrical panel maintenance to properly torque and check connections.
  • GFCI/Shock protection outlet/breaker testing to ensure proper functioning
  • Arc Fault/Fire protection breaker testing to ensure proper functioning.
  • Smoke and Co2 maintenance services including battery replacement and testing.
  • Customer supplied light bulb replacement on fixtures up to 12ft.
  • Ceiling fan cleaning up to 12 ft.

Advantages of Membership

  • Front of the line service
  • Reduced dispatch fee
  • Reduce repair bills and down time with ongoing annual maintenance
  • Peace of mind knowing all your life safety devices are functioning properly.
  • Lifetime warranty on Dawson’s Electric craftsmanship
  • Extended warranty on parts as a member
  • No worrying about climbing on ladders to take care of bulbs and annoying battery replacements.
  • Discounted Services- different percentages depending on the pricebook categories
  • We will schedule an annual maintenance appointment for your homes electrical system sometime within the year.


  1. Does not apply to any generator maintenance
  2. No warranty or extended warranty on customer supplied parts


  1. $15.99 per month plus tax- Not offering a yearly upfront charge and the membership
  2. automatically renews unless specified by customer
  3. Current generator customers who are interested in POM membership will be charged 35.99 monthly wich will include the generator agreement and the POM membership (name tbd)
  4. Generator maintenance memberships are 25.00 monthly plus tax
  5. ALL memberships will be charged monthly

Generator and POM membership combo

This will include all items from the POM membership and Generator membership

Generator maintenance includes
  • 2 yearly generator maintenance appointments
  • 1st appointment will include a full service of the generator with includes the following:
  • Oil and oil filter change, spark plug change.
  • Preventative maintenance which will include a 12 point inspection of allncomponents of the generator including fuel, battery ,engine and mounting, electrical system, and external connections.
Second appointment will include
  • 12 point inspection of generator
  • Check for any error codes
  • Make sure generator starts and is running properly

Along with the generator maintenance- we will also come out and perform any diagnostic if the generator is not running properly.

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