Dawson’s Electric takes pride in providing quality electrical services, repairs and installation to residents of Middle Creek Township, NC.

What size generator do I need for my Middle Creek home?

To determine what size generator you need for your Middle Creek Township, NC home, you should consider:

  • What appliances you want it to support.
  • The power it takes to support the appliances you select.
  • How often you may have a power outage.

The key to choosing a generator is determining how much power you will need from it and how often. When it comes to selecting a generator, you will always want to err on the side of a little too big, rather than too small, as you do not want it to be constantly running at its maximum capacity. To learn more about getting the best generator for your home, contact us today.

Who should I call to fix the electricity in my house near Middle Creek Township, NC?

You should call an electrician or the power company to fix the electricity in your house near Middle Creek Township, NC. For most instances, you should call an electrician to fix your electricity. However, if there is a storm, an issue with the power grid, your neighborhood’s power goes out or a power line falls, then you should call the electric company. If your circuit breaker trips often, your lights flicker, your outlets spark or are overloaded or you experience any other electrical problems, then you should have an electrician fix your electricity. To get your electricity fixed, call us today.