Low Voltage Wiring Services in the Raleigh Area

    Today, communication is more important and ever-present than ever before. Without the proper wiring infrastructure, you could find yourself falling out of touch or missing important information. That’s why you want a low voltage wiring system installed by a licensed & experienced professional, who is able to determine what you need and what’s appropriate for your home or office.

    Dawson's Electric can design, install and troubleshoot a structured cabling system to organize and connect all of your low-voltage wirings in one place. With the latest technology and products, our installation will serve to effectively distribute data signals and transmit them faster.

    The key to maximum electrical system performance starts with the wiring. It’s important to factor in wiring, receptacles, and appliances to your electrical usage to make sure that you are being as efficient and safe as possible.

    We work with any type of low voltage wiring or distribution system, including:

    • Data Cables
    • Security Wiring
    • Phone & Intercom Cables
    • Cable, Satellite and Flat Screen TV Setups
    • Speaker & Audio Wiring
    • Lighting
    Low Voltage Wiring

    Low voltage wiring is a system installed specifically for your communication needs. The term “low voltage” simply means the devices on this system run less of an electrical current than a standard electrical unit, like an outlet.

    Low voltage wiring can be used in your home or business for optimal communication abilities. It allows for all of your wiring, receptacles, and appliances to be used as effectively and efficiently as possible on one system apart from your standard electrical wiring.

    Low voltage wiring is less of a fire hazard than traditional wiring. Of course, this is dependent on who is installing the system. For all of the benefits of a low voltage system, including better safety against fire, make sure you have a licensed electrician perform the work.

    A house would have low voltage wiring in order to better distribute audio, video, and data throughout the home. You can set up entire WiFi networks on low voltage systems, as well as cable, security, and surveillance. Many choose to set their communications on a network that is separate and apart from standard electrical wiring.

    To learn more about low voltage wiring systems, contact the professionals at Dawson’s Electric today!

    The Benefits of Low Voltage Wiring

    When you have a low voltage wiring system installed by Dawson's Electric, you’ll start to see benefits immediately, such as:

    • Increased Energy Utility Savings
    • Reduced risk of fire & electrical damage
    • Lower cost of installation & maintenance
    • Constant power all day long
    • Clear Image, Sound, and Data Transfer
    Whether you’re running a home or a business, low voltage wiring provides an easy and cost-effective solution. The friendly, licensed, and experienced electricians at Dawson's Electric can install and service a system that’s tailored to your home or office’s unique setup. To speak with a knowledgeable expert today, call Dawson's Electric.
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