CSST Gas Line Bonding

What is an electrical bond on your gas line?

An electrical bond is an electrically conductive and continuous path from the gas piping to the grounding electrode system.

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Why bond your gas line?

Bonding is required to prevent a possible electric shock hazard for persons that may be in contact with gas piping and other grounded metallic building components. Gas piping can become energized by an electrical fault in the gas appliance that the gas line is attached to or from a nearby lightning strike. These things can cause an unbalanced voltage to build up and result in a high electrical potential difference. That potential difference can cause arcing on the gas line possibly resulting in damage to thin walled CSST gas line piping which could result in fire or explosion.

Dawson’s Electric is your gas line bonding experts, we often do these for homeowners at the sell of there house when a home inspector finds this problem. We also want to be proactive on this and check this on each service call along with the grounding system. If you have doubts if you gas line has ever been bonded call and schedule today for us to look at.