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The Importance of an Electric Generator

In today’s world, being without power is unthinkable. It runs through every size and type of appliance in our homes, from your coffee maker to your air conditioning unit. That’s why, when you lose power for any period of time, it’s important to keep your necessities up and running.

With so many different things that draw power in your home or business, it’s important to address each of your needs. Dawson’s Electric offers the Raleigh area a wide array of electric generators ranging in power from several hundred to thousands of watts. There’s a generator solution for every occasion:

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Whole House Generators

These are high-capacity generators capable of supplying enough power for an entire home. With an installation from Dawson’s, you’ll experience protection from any type of power outage, ensuring:

  • Your perishables remain refrigerated

  • HVAC systems remain on to keep you comfortable during storms

  • Your home is well-lit

  • Security systems remain operational

  • You still have hot water

Portable Generators

These offer an affordable, convenient solution to smaller, short term power needs. Portable generators are perfect for:

  • Camping

  • Outdoor Functions

  • External Buildings

  • Garages

  • Work Sites

Electric Generators for Every Need

Electric generators are a convenient, affordable way to keep you covered in the event of power loss, but a building’s power needs are unique to its occupants. In order to make sure you have a generator that suits your requirements, you need an experienced professional who can assess your situation and provide the easiest solution by tailoring a new system just for you.

Dawson’s will install a system that’s affordable, efficient, and suitable to your unique situation. To speak with a generator expert today, call Dawson’s Electric at (919) 552-0246!