Create Ambiance & Save Energy

    Dimmers are switches or devices installed and used to lower the intensity of light or a lamp. Dimmers are used in areas to control your lighting and help set the tone and the mood of your room.

    How a Dimmer Switch Can Work For You

    Dimmers, in the right locations, can add a certain element of ambiance and give you a nice warm feel. The right dimmers should be used for the right type of fixture or bulb you are using. For example, LED bulbs require a special LED type dimmer or low voltage lighting may require an electronic low voltage dimmer. The dimmer needs to be sized according to the wattage or load of the fixture or lamp you are dimming. Allow a licensed electrician to size your dimmer and choose the right dimmer to meet your needs.

    Enhance Your Home With a Dimmer Installation Today

    Our professionals at Dawson’s Electric are ready to help you with your dimmer installation today. We can use our experience of lighting and the best products to help you choose what locations are best dimmed and choose the correct dimmer to fit your needs. We will treat your home with care using floor protection and clean up as if we were never there.

    Dimmer Light Switch
    Call your local electrical team and get those dimmers installed today.
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