Dawson’s Electric takes pride in providing quality electrical services, repairs and installation to residents of Wake Forest NC.

What do most electricians charge per hour near Wake Forest?

Most electricians charge between $50-$100 per hour for electrical services. However, the hourly rates for electrical services can vary depending on who you hire for the job as well as the type, size and complexity of the project.
Dawson’s Electric provides quality electrical services from experienced professionals. To learn more about all of the electrical services we offer near Wake Forest, contact us today.

How do you know if you have an electrical problem in your house?

When electrical issues occur, there are usually some signs you can look out for. Some of the most common indications you have an electrical problem are:

  • Buzzing noises from lights.
  • Flickering lights.
  • Frayed wiring.
  • Burning smell.
  • Scorch marks on outlets.
  • Hot outlets.

At Dawson’s Electric, your safety is our number one priority. If you suspect you might have an electrical problem on your hands, don’t hesitate to contact us today.