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Have you ever needed electrical outlets where you just don’t have one? When new home wiring is installed it falls under the standard of the National Electrical Code which is a basic standard of how your outlets are placed in each room of the house. When you move in and make the house your home sometimes that layout does not fit your needs. Your furniture or special equipment may require an outlet in a specific location such as beside the bed, over the fireplace for your TV, or even a floor outlet for your lamps. You want to hire a licensed electrician to install these outlets for you to ensure the proper size wiring and circuit are used for the exact area or equipment being installed in your home.

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Our properly trained technicians know all about how your wiring should be installed, the proper locations, wiring size, and proper size circuit breaker should be used to protect your homes electrical wiring. Don’t trust your home to a handyman who doesn’t have the proper license, insurance, or knowledge of the electrical code to add your electrical outlets. We will wear shoe protection, use drop cloths and leave your home the way it was when we arrived. We will discuss your options with you beforehand and provide you upfront pricing before any work is started. Call your local electrical service team today and allow us to install those additional outlets right where you need them.

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Dawson’s Electric strives to make your home as secure and enjoyable as possible with every job. When you have an outlet or switch put in your home, we will assess your unique power needs and wants, and tailor the installation to maximize performance and efficiency.

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