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Is a whole house surge protector worth the money near Morrisville, NC?

A whole house surge protector is very much worth the money when you consider the value of the electrical devices and appliances it is protecting. External and internal power surges can damage equipment causing it to malfunction and needs to be repaired or replaced. A whole house surge protector blocks any surges and keeps your home safe from high electrical currents. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a consultation!

How much does it cost to fix electrical problems in my Morrisville, NC house?

The cost to fix electrical problems in your house really depends on what the electrician needs to do. In Morrisville, NC the average cost just to have an electrician come out to your home is between $50 – $100, then will cost between $90 – $150 an hour depending on the job. You should always make sure to know the costs upfront so you are not stuck with a large unforeseen bill.

Dawson’s Electric offers an electrical troubleshooting service that ranges in price between $134 – $391, depending on the concern. The service includes diagnosing the problem and either completing the minor repair necessary or, for larger issues, performing a solution guaranteed troubleshooting plan. Contact us today to learn more.